Nelson, if deadzone had not been stolen

If Deadzone on roblox had not been stolen where would you be now: A roblox dev or still making unturned


How would people stealing or not stealing Deadzone influence whether or not he realized he could make it into a full game?
Are you implying that only because it got stolen (which only happened after it became successful) we got Unturned?


i am greatly confused

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Shit deadzone was stolen?

Call 911 send help immediately

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  1. It wasn’t even “stolen”, per se.
  2. That doesn’t change whether or not Nelson developed Deadzone into Unturned in any capacity, so your question doesn’t line up nor makes sense.

Well in general the fall of deadzone

If Deadzone wasn’t victim of copylock hacking (Happened on mid 2013, the year he started Unturned 1.0 late 2013) he wouldn’t have left Roblox, tried out Unity and created Unturned out of it.

Instead he will stay being a Roblox developer, probably making good games for several more years that hit the front page like his 2 popular games (Deadzone and Battlefield).


He wouldn’t be an epic game developer


And that’s the only situation where it is acceptable to say: Thank god Nelson was victim of copylock hacking!

Because let’s be honest, Unturned is za greatest game of this warudo

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Well fuck me, I didn’t know that

I’m still looking for the funny

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I honestly don’t where the hell it is my self, it’s been decades that I have been searching for funny!

Aren’t you like 13 ?

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In that case, I’m also gonna have to ask you to reply with proper grammar and/or spelling.

May I stutter?I am not a man of literature.Spelling isn’t my passion!

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We can tell.

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this is what i remember being told (and what i remember seeing):

Nelson made Deadzone, game became super popular, then the code and assets or whatever got leaked and as a result people made copies of the game and released those on roblox. Nelson, trying to contain the situation, contacted roblox devs or something, who didnt help much, so he moved onto Unity.

So yeah, who knows where the game would be if Deadzone was never stolen

*copylock bypassed

more likely moderators than developers, even then they can’t really do anything about it since assets can be saved both locally and client-side as well as exported in a multitude of formats

If it was the moderators then I wouldn’t be surprised in the least, all of them have some kind of mental disability that prevents them from making logical decisions

we don’t know, but we can make a good guess
I’d say yarrrr is probably right though, he would’ve tried out Unity and still created Unturned but may have stayed on Roblox a bit longer

A bit of backstory, Apocalypse Rising (by Gus Dubetz, or “Gusmanak”) created lots of controversy with Deadzone and later Unturned although neither games shared assets. They were (and still are) extremely similar, and the alpha release of Apocalypse Rising 2 started a few more arguments. In a sense, it’s very similar to U3 and shares many gameplay aspects.
Who knows what would’ve happened if Deadzone 2 existed?


I wish battlefield was still around that game was lit, phantom forces never gonna reach its level :pensive::pensive:

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