Nelson needs to add an EULA

If no rocket means survival, and EULA kills rocket, then EULA equals survival.

This also isnt strawmanning at all seeing as your entire argument goes by this, assuming you mean “the way to play unturned” is survival.

On top of that, you act like P2W rocket servers force people to play on them. If no one wanted to play on P2W modded servers no one would. Everyone on this forum creates this bubble because everyone on here wants survival, me included, but ignore the fact that the majority of unturneds fanbase enjoys modded pvp servers, as the action is faster and dying is less of an issue. If there is a demand, a supply will be created, If in U2 people want modded pvp, modded pvp will be made. If people want survival, survival servers will be made.

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Looking at you UnturnedBeast.
Please, we need this.

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Disclaimer, I ain’t a lawyer.
P2W servers are one of the main reasons why unturned isn’t as fun anymore. Before kits became a huge issue, things were great. Everything was worked for. TPA was okay to an extent. But then I keep coming across VIP kit servers that give you MK II and full gear for paying money. And it has become a huge issue and reason to why I haven’t played it in awhile. I used to play in a server that was completely vanilla until the host decided to add p2w kits which caused tons of people to raid my bases with Mk II’s, Miniguns, and RPG’s. Completely unfun. And the fact that people can earn money off Nelson’s work which in return makes the game itself unfun, is a very huge mistake.

Which is why i really hope Nelson uses the EULA to at least remove half of these servers. Nelson doesn’t even need to take legal action. People can have the ability to report a server for having P2W Capabilities, in which a handful of selected (and trusted) individuals will check and have the ability to remove it from the public server list as said…


That’s the server I was thinking about while reading this xD

Unturned already has a EULA. It’s old (probably meant for early 3.0/late 2.0), so it’s fair to assume 4.0 as a different game would get a new one.

Unturned EULA

A few things to note about this EULA.

  • It’s safe to assume that Nelson wrote this when he was a few years younger, maybe around 17 years old.

  • There are a fair amount of typos in it, along with a little “please no suing shenanigans” towards the end.

  • There is nothing in the EULA describing control over servers, however, Nelson has stated in the past that he has no intention of controlling servers. Nelson is very open about not wanting to mess with community servers as that generally ends badly.


I’m going to comment on this because, i’m going to be honest here… this is a topic that gets me a little annoyed.

This ultimately comes down to an almost economical based argument.
Minecraft is actually a perfect example of this.

After the EULA, small servers could never hope to compete against larger servers, due to having their ways of earning money to fund their servers being slashed by arbitrary rules put in place by Mojang. (Though this is within their right to do so.)

Meaning the only way servers can comply with these new rules, and not go under, is by being already gigantic servers pre-EULA, with massive player bases. Hypixel and Mineplex from Minecraft are other examples to this. Those two servers are a duopoly.

Also, saying this game is Steam based, having more players playing your game would look better, because the player count is shown when you look at the game.

As much as you hate them, Pay-to-win servers actually draw more attention to the game.

Also, as Fiffe said, if you don’t like it, don’t play it. Vote with your wallet.


Let’s parallel this, to say, corporations and the government.
The big P2W networks could easily do an undercover deal with the one or two people and let their network survive.

Remains to be seen, as you like to stifle one of the main aspects of a survival game.

Why is this a problem? Paying people to get your server more attention is not a bad thing, and a totally valid marketing strategy.

I completely agree, privately ran servers are 100% better.
Though, by your standards, we should restrict what people do with their servers, their time, and their work.

Just like writing a EULA.

Then the EULA is useless.

Sad as this may be, good servers actually totally rely on donations. What incentive does a person have to host if they get nothing out of it?

On another note, you’re being a bit hypocritical.

TL;DR: A EULA with these rules would punish the little guy to let the big guy win.




Don’t mind me just looking for traces of opinion in this topi- Target located MOVE UP MOVE UP


Imma be real with ya chief.
Ya fucked up.


This EULA is intended to stop P2W servers, not stop people from cloning Unturned the game…

They don’t have to shutdown. if they’re proper servers then the only thing they’re paying is the internet bill and electric bill. Which everyone will always pay every month. Lets just assume P2W server franchises aren’t stupid enough to rent from some kind of provider, because renting is super costly / inefficient. Though why would non-p2w servers be affected? If anything non-p2w servers will see a surge in players and pure-donations, which would be great.

I doubt people will quit the game because their server shutdown. They’d just change servers…

I hate this reason of thought. It is never that simple. Us mature people can easily avoid them, but little kids that don’t know any better wont avoid them, and only feed them and keep them alive.

These servers bring an unfair Unturned experience, which may make Unturned itself look bad - and I care about the game. And the unfair experience leaves a bad taste in many mouth’s of people that experience heavy P2W servers. I know quite a few people who blatantly quit the game because a lot of the major big servers were p2w. Atleast 2 years ago there was tons of negative reviews regarding p2w servers and they suddenly just stopped. Why do you think these kinds of reviews stopped? Because all the people complaining about P2W simply left the game.

I completely agree :+1:

If he Does have a lawyer (I just assumed it’d cost a lot, and Nelson seems like a really chill, relaxed guy. seemingly he’d never need one) then all the better, that will only help him enforce a EULA even better.

Agreed. A blacklist doesn’t require legal action. It’s nelsons game and he can do whatever he wants with it. I agree that a EULA would help with IRL legal action too.

I think a lot of wise guy’s that appreciate no-p2w as much as me would do the same things. For other games its just a casual server to play on and rek people. But idk. I think servers should be able to survive without P2W or donations in general as they should be funded by the loving community. I host tons of servers and don’t rely on donations to stay afloat.

EULA would not kill rocket in any way. Rocket has nothing to do with the EULA and I have no idea how people started talking about Rocket. Rocket was just the tool people used in order to make their servers p2w / unfair. I do not want an EULA that would ‘ban’ or ‘kill’ rocket.

It isn’t that easy, as I said earlier in this post.

:heart: :heart: :heart: wuv chu

Agreed completely.

agreed so much.

In this video they are talking about a completely different topic of regulating TPA, home. Things that people play because they enjoy the modification of the game. They mod the game to be how they want to play, not how nelson intended them to play. However, this post is about protecting players that don’t know any better about unfair servers, not TPA, kits, home, rp, creative, and etc.

So minecraft servers couldn’t manipulate little kids with their P2W kits and etc. And because of this server owners couldn’t get the money to pay their electric and internet bills and couldn’t grow to compete against the big server networks? Ok… The big networks thrive because they were there since the beginning, they’re already well-known and reputable - and huge.

This is completely irrelevent to p2w / EULA. People will continue to play Unturned even if their unfair servers go down or become non-p2w.

I’ve never been drawn to a game because it has P2W servers. And I wouldn’t call it hate, it’s just an argument that I can easily only see one side being right.

As said above, it’s much more complicated than that. Gonna be honest here it’s a big annoying hearing the phrase “just dont play it”

Don’t go comparing a game to IRL government pls. I would’ve put tons of metaphors and examples with government but I chose not to in order to keep the post chill and not put political opinion or etc into it. Though I could also easily claim that I do undercover deals with the forum moderators to let my posts not get locked / banned.

It’s almost as if it’s corrupt. Like paying lobbyists to sway politicians ideas. Except you’re paying youtubers to sway players ideas to play an unfair server. It’s a relentless unfair cycle. It kinda disgusts me.

I am a firm believer people shouldn’t be able to make unfair servers. Sorry.

It’s nelsons game. He doesn’t really need a EULA enforced by rule of law to blacklist a server off the serverlist. I think it’d give all the other big p2w networks a nice scare if we went ahead and blacklisted one right now.

Sorry, I run like 13 servers right now and they don’t rely on donations whatsoever. What incentive do people have to benefit / make the community a better place? What incentive do people have to life and make the world a better place? I host servers because I love and care about Unturned and I want to provide completely fair non-p2w servers that everyone can love and enjoy without some kid with their moms credit card spenidng 200$ on a kit that instantly makes them richer in-game than everyone else.

Hypocritical? For one I never disclosed what servers I run, so you went out of your way to find my server franchise just to ridicule the donation page I have. Which offers zero unfair advantages and just gives people some nice cosmetic stuff - which is fine under minecrafts EULA and my definition of P2W. Way to go on trying to insult me personally.

It’s the other way around. The big guys that provide and unfair experience would be punished and the small, community-hosted servers that provide fair Unturned gameplay would in a sense ‘win’

Only replying to this bit right here because this is the only part that I talked about, I’m sure the others will discuss about the other shit too.
If you didn’t notice, I said “Nelson is very open about not wanting to mess with community servers”. That is something he also says in the video if you watched a bit after them talking about Rocket. Also, please stop using that image of the man in front of the tanks. It’s rude comparing yourself to someone like that.

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It is not manipulation, it is someone spending their money voluntarily. They’re not holding a gun to your forehead.

Arguably, less would. People like you who care about that type thing, can make their own servers, or not play P2W servers. Free market of ideas.

That sounds closed minded.

Well then, you’ll hate this. “Just don’t play it.”

Undercover deals have happened in the past. It will happen in a situation like this.
And I can compare anything I want for the sake of the argument making sense.

It’s not corrupt to pay people to advertise your server. Plus, it is not unfair, because as stated earlier, they’re not coercing you, you can voluntarily give your money to unfair servers. That is within your right as an individual.

So you’re a super authoritarian who can’t just let people do their own thing?

Again, it is his game. If it’s such a problem, don’t play the game.

Unfortunately for you, people do stuff for goods, money, or something in return for their efforts.
And, on the topic of “provide”, do that with your servers. Your property. Not telling everyone else what they can do with theirs.

It is hypocritical to say your server is not running on donations, yet it is. You wrote in your own page.

If it’s so unfair, why haven’t people left?


You are supposedly “protecting” me from P2W. If i’m stupid enough to go on a P2W server, that’s my right.

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p2w are popular and make money because the free market dictated it so, dont be upset that society wont conform to you


Not going to dog pile you too much here just for my parts you quoted

  1. This is cherry picked, I was responding to someone who wanted the EULA to get rid of rocket esque servers

  2. I dont see where you genuinely clarified this, unless its the part where new players might join a p2w server, which for starters could be blamed on the new player for not playing on a vanilla server (which still exist by the way) instead of one of the “EPIC[10^7 LOOT!!! TPA!!! MODS!!!]” servers that are usually blatant about how bad they are. Also you bring up reviews, so I decided to pull up 50 of the newest reviews, and not a single one mentioned pay to win.

It’s very comparable, as he was the only one trying to stop those tanks.

Kid’s don’t know any better.

Again, kids don’t know any better.


Someone who thinks things should be put in place to protect people / keep things fair for all. I wouldn’t call that super-authoritarian

I didn’t mean to put ‘depend’ if I did. I appreciate it when people donate but I do not in any way depend on them. The servers will always be hosted and slowly over time upgraded to host further servers.

I already talked about this topic in my wall of a comment. Go read about it here

Not protecting you, protecting kids that don’t know any better in a sense.

Theres tons of people that don’t appreciate p2w aswell. as this person wrote -

Lets blame players for playing one of the more popular p2w servers. Makes… sense…?

If you read my post then you wouldn’t have pulled of the “newest” reviews. You completely missed the point / didn’t read. I said around 2 years ago there was a large influx of negative reviews regarding P2W.

“tons of people” literally only 3 have said it so far honey lets keep hyperbole and non-evidence out of this

and i have no memory of negative P2W reviews 2 years ago. so prove it.

You still not that tank guy. So stop thinking yourself as him

That is the kid’s parents’ job. Not yours.

Protections are stupid and usually lead to more black market activity, and life isn’t fair.

That is the kid’s parents’ job, not yours.

Don’t lie, everything has costs to run. I’m curious, do you actually fund your servers with money out of pocket, or do you use someone else’s internet?

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Uhhhhhhh when its that blatant…yes? If they dont want to experience the base game, they are delving into the community, which Nelson cant and wont change

Fair point, didnt notice that.

Sorry if that was rude