Nelson Q&A

Since everyone else is answering questions for Nelson, I’ll help out a bit too.

He does, although most of his hours in Unturned are from developing Unturned, however.

He’s 21, and was born on July 27, 1997.

Artifact was one of his favorite games of 2018.

He’s not. (EDIT: There’s an Easter Egg in-game related to her.)

He has a brother sister.

and a cat called Jasper but that doesn’t really count


he still hasnt replyed to my 1v1 request :angry:

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nelson x moltonmontro


I’m… kind of amazed how much random stuff you guys know about me. :wink:

6 - Pixel 1
9 - Average somewhere around 10-12 hours per day, but that’s including stuff like tech support, taking care of requests, modding questions, etc. Actually my GitHub profile shows which days I made commits, but the quantity isn’t very indicative. There was also a big gap in that last year when I was trying out perforce instead of git.
10 - Of all time Factorio, towards the end of the year I played a lot of Artifact, but kind of between-games recently.
11 - Sometimes I play on the Switch, most time there has been in Hollow Knight and recently Tetris 99. Got 1st for the first time today!
15 - Still together with my highschool sweetheart! Best friends for the last 8 or 9 years.
16 - Today my sibling’s team came 2nd place in the Pacific First Robotics Competition! Recently he transitioned to being my sister.
17 - Depends when/if it would look good!


man of culture i see…

wanna start a factory?


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What is the easter egg? I’ve never seen or read anything relating to a girl outside of the note on washington and the hawaii proposal quest

Edit: almost forgot waifu sydney

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its a billboard im p sure

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the most discreet way to avoid saying “freaked out”

There’s a billboard on one of the maps. Can’t remember which, but iirc it had a seashell on it. Someone will probably post it below for me eventually.

EDIT: probs russia or germany


which map is it, ive seen it before I just forget where


Nelson, I would just like to say, and I believe I can say this on behalf of everyone that’s ever played Unturned, thank you for being so interactive with the community no matter how… erratic and unpredictable we may seem at times. Your actions and general friendly demeanor have solidified SDG as one of the best Game Dev companies, rivaled by only few due to your solo dedication throughout the years and the fact that you engage in shitposting and banter with your community on the regular.


“Banana $44.99”
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Oh yes thanks

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Now I’m going to play Tetris 99 more so I can beat Nelson

Most of these are just stuff you think Since, of course your not nelson.

No, Nelson has answered those even before this post.

guys watch out, a smartass has entered the room

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