Nelson Server

So TBH and this is no joke it serious we look for unturned server some are boring and some are just nothing sometime so i want the people who have and supported nelson thought his developing to make a server for the community am going to give 3 reason.

1.People will like the server either nelson has made i have never heard of nelson making a server and am serious this should be a thing

2.Well y’all have to admit we do get bore at seeing the same server we never get to see how nelson can help his game grow with his server he has.

3.And this is a community that support a game but not a server just think if we have nelson to build and grow server than he have little time on the server to get his mind off the game and than go back to developing and also anyway to debug stuff for just in case purpose because the bug tester might want to test stuff without a lot of player or something you never no. And TBH sometime bug tester have to go into pvp just to test out gun problem sometime remember it for just in case purposes.

If English isn’t your first language you don’t have to speak in it.

Btw again remember am in the 8st grade don’t you understand what that mean sometime if you don’t than your not the person that had problem with English too. Not everyone is good at English it a god dang hard language to master.Even at my age i can’t master it no can till there like at 20 something year old so yea.

If you’re in 8th grade and having this much trouble with basic grammar, and this language is your first language, you shouldn’t be on the internet.


Dude in my life there are alot of problem in it let not talk about my internet life.ok and let left off on there.

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I never brought it up, you did that.

Tho you said your not allow to be on the internet tho

Ok? That doesn’t involve your"internet life".

I agree with the post that official servers are cool, but I disagree with some of the reasoning you used for it.

That, and I think it makes more sense to just have official servers for Unturned 4.x than it does to have them for both. :man_shrugging:

There are more “official” community-ran servers for Unturned 3 though, if you don’t like playing on the more randomly hosted servers. (There’s the subreddit’s server, and the Wikia’s server, of course. I’d consider any server hosters that run their own servers to fall under this category too, such as with LYHME Hosting, and I’d probably consider something like MLBB’s servers too.)

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@Captain.Stars You seriously should stop talking like that all the time, keep that kind of behavior out of this forum. Don’t reproduce the same things that got you banned from the Unturned Steam discussions.

Ok… :weary:

You i was going to ignore this but thank oyamat

Tho i agree yea it true but now that i even think about it the graphic and stuff will be good for a official server TBH with you tho am going to say this once unturned 4.0 might one of my favorites one cause of reviving group mate and other tho.

I barely understood this post, but anyways, I think official servers should be left to 4.0. We have enough choice in 3.0 and it’s also going to be far easier when 4.0 hits to make a dedicated server network.

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could you stop with the ad hominem attacks please?

I did.
(Got to make this 10 characters)

Nelson has made servers before, we had a private one when Germany came out, also he has already said he might be getting 24/7 dedicated servers


That was a map testing server just so they could playtest Germany, not an actual public, dedicated server with 24/7 uptime. Get your facts straight bro

Plus, yes, Nelson said he wants to make dedicated official servers for 4.0. Never said anything about 3.0 though, plus you have to keep in mind these are intentions not promises