New Civilian Rifles?

Hey, so ever since the lockdown came out I immediately used it because I just love semi auto rifles. But after firing a few shots, the durability went down so much. So I hope you, Smartly Dressed Games, can please add some new rifles. Preferably using civilian with military or ranger sort of like the Kopis to refill ammo. Maybe just one or two would be fine, but if you do see this can you add an SKS? Thanks

I think we have enough guns for now



Not really “new” since the Schofield is the Mosin–Nagant.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Springfield

It’s called Russian, and because it’s model is so simple, there aren’t enough details to definitively tell what gun it is, just from the model.

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh na lol

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Nelson confirmed it as the Mosin three times during separate Steam chats with separate people.

Rip hopes and dreams.

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Wiki says it’s the mosin.

~65% sure Molt is the one who added that to the wiki, so you might as well have quoted his response.

I read it was the mosin a few months ago, my bad

Maybe there should be an old fashion black powder musket you could get. It would be on a stand like the sword on the Germany secret teleport thing.

I mean, I’d use it. But 3.0 already has enough guns. And it would definitely be a meme gun, let’s be honest.

It’s not a Mosin. End of story. Doesn’t even come close to looking like one. It used to be a “french battle rifle” and the only thing that changed was that it was apparently now made in russia. Before that it wasn’t considered a mosin, so we really shouldn’t consider it one now.

And an SKS would be a great intermediate weapon for ranger spawns. Perhaps the Snay could finally be buffed up a bit and have the SKS as a fairly common all-rounder semi auto.

Nelson has considered it a Mosin since the time since its addition, and some people called it one when it was still a “French battle rifle.”

The “Doesn’t even come close to looking like one” argument can be argued for literally every gun.

It was considered a Mosin before that point. It was changed to say Russian instead of French because some people were pointing out that contradiction, and others would ask for a Mosin on Steam Discussions when one already exists.