New editor to make better maps

This is something that a lot of people will like:
BETTER EDITOR (editor,not Devkit) (i am back i was in an beach)
and BETTER IN GAME EDITOR (the editor you open with shift+ f6)

  • Flip The buildings: plz nelson add this, i needed it soo much. i need it in 3.0 or 4.0

  • new objetcs to make houses (walls, walls with windows, doorframes, roof,etc) but not like the pine,birch,maple,brick and metal buildables, some like concrete,modern floors, glass roofs,etc

  • option to make the objects from map editor more larger from down. because sometimes i want to put houses at the top of a liberator (idk why) but i cant because if i pu them you can see some hidden parts and they look bad.

also, an npc maker and special objects maker (books,notes, water tanks, fuel tanks,etc)

i know a guy already maked an topic with npc makers, but i want to add that in this topic because is an good idea.


don’t think we need any, other than glass.


literally just copy the object stuff and change the .dats

You CAN do this

just use very fancy tool that changes position of objects. Aside of that, why would you place houses on the liberator?

its harder than it seems…

also I think he doesnt know all of the uses of the editor

I believe he wants a way to make custom house objects, so like maybe a 3 story house or something?

I think he means to remove the foundation of the house that extends relatively far down

I think he wants to make a way so you can enter the text and the name and create the file, along with special kinds of fuel tank objects like on a semi or something.

Well the least Nelson could do is better modding documentation (I think he’s working on it atm)


seems like so.

literally make a house in blender and mod it :v

sounds good, but why in this life would someone put houses in liberator

that has been suggested a lot of times before for npcs.
you can figure it out yourself on “what Nelson did with it”
thats right he didn’t add it

Dude its harder to do than it looks xd, some people have no Idea how to use those

I have no Idea why he would, but it would be useful to be able to remove the foundations tho

Tbh I favor adding it, but 4.0 is still early on. SO we dont know if hes gonna add it bro

REMENBER MY ENGLISH IS NOT PERFECT. also its possible to flip buildings??? TELL ME HOW

its an example and i dont know how to use blender

Use the rotate tool and rotate the building, or use the size tool and scale it inversely.

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Already possible, you can mirrir flip them with the scale tool ® and rotate them with the rotate tool (W)

We only really need the glass, the rest is fine. If you want fancy buildings, you can make them yourself with blender and unity. It’s not very easy though.

That’s quite easy, just copy an npc and change .dat files

You should have given that guy credit if you know there was someone!

1- thanks

2- i dont know how to use unity and blender, also i was talking about walls, if u dont know.

3- lol

4- i dont remenber his name

The problem with having sections of buildings in the editor would be that the maps would be filled with lots of little objects, with lots of little polygons, rather than several large objects, with as few polygons as necessary.

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