New life for the Skycrane

There is nothing like the skycrane, but it doesn’t get much attention. This is for two reasons:

  1. It only appears on Yukon
    Let’s be real, almost nobody plays Yukon.

  2. It is fairly laggy in multiplayer
    When you try to lift a vehicle in multiplayer it lags behind and can sometimes kill you. I don’t know if this could be fixed to be honest, but it would be really nice to see the Skycrane fixed for multiplayer.

Conclusion: fix the multiplayer problem (if possible) and maybe introduce it into some other maps.

It really should appear on the helipad at Scorpion 7 in Washington. It makes more sense too because it’s not a military location, it only had a military presence and even then they were sent to contain whatever had leaked out of the facility.

I could’ve sworn that the magnet was disabled in multiplayer

In the past.

Nah, it’s still sort of usable in multiplayer, but it is not disabled.

Yeah, the only magnet-related ability that was dropped was lifting vehicles with people inside

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