New Mod tutorials

With a new engine and I assume a new system for modders, I think it would be cool to see a single website that showed the tutorials for different things and how to add them as well as the sizing and standards nelson is using for 4. I want to make sure modders learn the new engine and stay with unturned as well as invite and make it easier for new modders to join. This suggestion could also apply to a member of the community who knows how to do this well and of course who can get the community to settle on this place to post the tutorials. I don’t think discord or a youtube playlist is the best way to do this.

You might want to check this page out.


Nelson is a huge fan of his modding community and always strives to support them. He creates plenty of guides and whatnot. Just follow all the devlogs and his announcements.

let me reiterate, modding tutorials made by anyone who isn’t nelson

This isn’t a suggestion for Unturned II or SDG then, you’re just asking the community in general.

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