New SA80 mod where I put Great Hero J, Jessica & Thatcher character models to use

Came here for the mod? The link is down here:

Came here to see how I used Great Hero J, Jessica & Thatcher? Pictures are here:


these images make we wish unturned had support for custom faces and hairstyles in a way that doesnt require a workaround


Are there blender models for unturned going around or something?

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Yeah, they’re blender models; there’s no real way to create or import custom hairstyles otherwise.


Correct, fisher of ponds. That’s why creating them even if you’re prepared with templates are quite going to take long until a character is finished.

I was curious as I had heard a while ago that there were no blender unturned models.

How new are the models?

There are. After all, that’s the main reason why we all can make mods.

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Well of course that info I had was from a year ago. I know now that there are unturned blender models now, but I was more curious on how recently it was made.

the non-thatcher ones are cursed


they are in the game files

My question was ahem.


they have been in the files since I could remember, youve always been able to just take the player model and use it, plus all the weapon models are in there along with their animations.

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I’ll be specific on each. The hairs, gasmask, glasses & textures are made by me & are made for let’s say 1 day and a half which is yesterday. The SA80s are made by an older friend of mine but I finalized it to be capable of being a 3.0 item.


Speaking of animations, the guns use Augewehr/Fusilaut anims but only the hammer is different and unique because it’s made by me to be compatible with the gun design.


So you guys are basically saying you still cant download a mod for easy access, but the models are accessible only by game files.

Basically, nobody has uploaded the models to the workshop, and that might not actually work because they would need the other models which are included in the files…

Okay I was probably being an idiot.


In the Sources folder there are multiple unity packages that allow you to see the methods that Nelson used to create custom content. Nearly all custom content is based off of these packages; every gun, every object, every material. And yet nobody has uploaded them to the workshop. Why? Why would nobody upload these quite-crucial tools for modding to the workshop?

The workshop is a method for distributing files; i.e finding a way to give others your mods in a convenient and easy fashion. Key word distributing. It’s getting the files onto your computer; nothing more. For various games, this is all that mod downloading sites do; you download the mod, and then have to manually install it. The steam workshop is just a marginal improvement over that. However, with these models, and with the unity packages, they are already in the game files; you do not need to subscribe or download to them because they are already on your computer. Even if you could download or subscribe to them, it wouldn’t help much; you would still have to dig through your game files to get to them.

Frankly, there’s not really an easier way to do things. Keeping them in the game files is the most convenient and practical solution that there is, so far, and there really isn’t a better way to do it. It’s not some oppressive move by Big Content to keep the small guys away from making mods or other stuff like that; it’s simply just the best way to do things that we’ve found so far.


My first question is why did you feel it was necessary to include the L22 carbine ahead of the L85 and L86 LSW. My other question is whether these are the A1 or the A2 variants.

All are A2 variants. And what do you mean by “include the L22 carbine ahead of the L85 and L86 LSW”?

You featured a variant before the base rifle.

Oh it’s not based on order here, unlike the linked one. It’s just the character models.