New Traps Should be added

Ive been seeing a lot of people claim about that raiding bases are too easy which isn’t true
You just need to build a base with a unique and effective design with planned out defense systems
Most bases are just planned by using the same design or working with a base design they saw on Youtuber

I am getting a bit off topic but here are some traps the should be added or buffed

Claymore-The Claymore only get actived when you step on it
In my experience of playing rainbow six the claymore have sensors making it more effective

Bear Trap-The Bear Trap will make the player unable to move and will leave the player at 1hp
(If possible ,the player will die within 30seconds unless a teammate helps him up by either destroyed the bear trap or maybe using a medical item)

Triggered C4-C4 with a rope set on the side of the wall so when a player walks by and self explodes when triggered
C4 are expensive but the trap can be the difference between your whole being raided or their some players dying attempting

If you have any ideas/suggestions please comment


Claymore’s in-game have sensors too, it’s just not that much. You have to walk into the front view of it for it to explode.

Explosives do explosive damage though. :thinking: People would just come back and finish raiding you, or raid you through the hole the C4 made in your base.

Right idea, but not entirely in support of the suggestions.

Okay Thanks for the feedback
1.Claymore isn’t very effective and should be buffed
2.Yes but by the time they come back the loot might be gone
It still slows the process or can end it completely
On maps like PEI it won’t be effective but on other maps it will

The ‘rope’ you’re talking about is a tripwire, which is what the Claymore does. Charges are remote controlled bombs, so no need to make the Claymore redundant.

It’d be cool if there was a custom trap system in 4.0. Similar to an electricity system, but very harmful.

Different tiers, from ropes and tripwires to pressure plates and motion sensors.
Maybe you connect a rope to a door, when it opens, it triggers a shotgun hooked up on the other side.
Maybe you walk into the wrong alley and you trigger a wire, detonating a grenade.
Or maybe even taking use of physics. Having something heavy swing down and hit something, spinning blades running on a car battery, or even dropping barrels or caltrops from a high place.

Having some new traps, or at least something to get people using traps more often would be a nice addition. I only ever really see barbed wire or barbed wire fences being used.

Sorry if I hijacked the post a bit, but you’re pretty limited on how to defend your base as far as damage goes. Yeah you can put spikes and fences around the perimeter, but most people use sentries and honeycomb designs. Not saying that you shouldn’t use them, but having a refresher from the meta once and a while would be interesting. It’s a post apocalyptic game, it’d be cool as a offline defense with Rube Goldberg-esc traps covering bases top to bottom.

It’d be optional of course depending on how crazy you want to go with it, but it’d be fun. Right now people can go all willy-nilly raiding bases when the owner is offline, but it’d give a bit of an extra challenge to watch out for custom traps. Just some concept for 4.0.

And more traps that pop tires! Maybe road spikes

Remember Unturned 2.5.5 !