New Unturned II map on the way?

Well my doubts are, as I understand it @SDGNelson will work on a new survival map for Unturned II with exporting props from Untunred 3.0, houses, buildings etc, I would like to know if in this test map we will also have the new models of houses present in the sandbox map, and if the exported items will have doors, windows, etc., and also if they will be a ‘’ ramake ‘’, that is, they will be buildings from 3.0 modified to 3D models in the style of Unturned II.

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I don’t see a point in converting U3 maps when most of them are pretty much the same, and have some pretty boring gameplay that i’d rather see change in UII


Converting maps can be a good thing if you just want to preserve past memories, revamp old maps, or take an unfinished project and use it as a template instead of starting from scratch in UII.

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Understand, in Unturned II we will definitely have new maps and also remastered versions of old maps using features and props that will be added in Unturned II, the current map will use unturned 3.0 scenery objects only for reserved space and over time will be modified to contain the new tackings of unturned II I think we will see some houses already present in the sandbox map on this new map, but for now this will speed up and the work of leaving Unturned II with mechanical survival and basic gameplay tasks.


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deadass if we get some proper mapping tools, I’m gonna try and see if I can port some touge tracks to u2

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