New update destroy my server settings.. Need your help

before update I had modiffied item table for Airdrop(Carepackage) Path “Bundles\Items\Barricades\Carepackage”

Default is
Storage_X 7
Storage_Y 7

I had little changed like x 10 a y 15 which make more fun and players could loot more items. But nowdays after something get wrong and when I modiffy this item, it will break server airdrop and it kicks players without no reason when they are close to airdrop, like 15 m near… Can someone help me how to modifiy that size back without kicking players?

I have vanilla server, so no mods, no plugins, just base game…

Technically your server isn’t vanilla, as you tried to mod the game to change item stats that aren’t configurable through, say, the in-game difficulty settings. If you’re trying to mod the game: players need to have the same game modifications as your server.

If you’re trying to restore it to the default settings: verify integrity of game files. Through Steam, you right-click the game and navigate to properties. For SteamCMD, I believe you’d use the validate command.

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Can someone explain what is wrong???

That does not helps… If I will change size x and y storage of airdrop carpackage in serverside bundles/items/barridaces etc. it will start make this problem

it stared after latest update

You can’t change size of airdrop on a server side without changing carepackage as a storage itself. You need either plugins or custom mod for that.

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