New Weapons

I think we should get some more guns that were made around the 40’s and 50’s. It would be really cool to run around with an MG42.

You can’t just suggest weapons in the game without a reason why other than personal desires like ‘Would be cool’. New weapons will come out eventually without these low-effort suggestions


Dude its just a suggestion dont get your panties in a twist

All I personally got from your post was “add more guns,” which to me personally this didn’t really count as a suggestion. Regardless of whether or not adding more weapons is the right thing to be doing right now (which many people on the Forum would say it is not the right thing to do), suggestions in general should have enough effort put into them that it is worth reading because you can get something out of it.

That could include stats and gameplay mechanics surrounding it, reasoning besides “it would be really cool,” background context, alternative suggestions rather than just a single item or concept, visual aids, multiple paragraphs of text just describing the suggestion, etc. (Basically, anything that would actually make consideration of the post worthwhile, even if everyone completely hates it.)


I agree. There’s little demand for ‘more guns’ and most of the community will yell at you if you just suggest generic ideas instead of unique things that bring something new to the table.


Okay but this was more of like a not so serious “suggestion” i know hes gonna put more guns and it would be cool is not a good reason, so you guys dont have to get all pissy lol but im sticking to my guns i want an mg42 in unturned vanilla lol

Btw you also failed to categorize your post, we don’t even know if this is a suggestion for 3.0 or 4.0

Sorry dude, i was saying for 4.0

You could have suggested weapons with an advantage & disadvantage over other weapons in its class, as well as a unique role for it. For example, the Bulldog is faster than most SMGs, but the Calling Card has more rounds to dispense.

Cut him some slack, he hasn’t even been on the forums for a whole day yet.
However, they are right. New weapon suggestions aren’t usually taken into regard.
You can come up with something better, i’m sure of it.

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Okay, thank you

I just made this sprite for potentially what could be the new Cobra, ditching the beige and black design of the Glock 17 and going to the full-black version.

Honestly, idk if it even is a cobra, what gun should it be? A new gun? Tell me what it looks like xD

that looks like P250 xd but still good job on the model tho

That’s why we have mods in Unturned

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