(newbie's question) Where do I post suggestions / is there any particular place to post suggestions?

Hey, I’m fairly new to these forums.
I registered because I have some suggestions for 4.0, but I have no idea where I could post them.
So, if I want to post a suggestion, where do I do it?
Do such threads have some separated place dedicated especially for them?
Or this is the sub-forum where such things are posted and they just lie around loose?

Please, tell me. I’ll be grateful if anybody does.

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No. All you have to do is write new topic, then choose the correct category your post is about, and write.


I think this is a really great place to post especially whit the community members who know about this place also pls don’t make the suggestions to long :3

The longer the suggestion, the better


Ok, thank you for your time.
Thanks for the help.

Speaking of long topics, currently working on one right now. Should be out by the end of today.


Indeed, just saying “add this” won’t get you anywhere,
you never get those type of threads here, we’re… cough Intellectuals.
Unlike a certain palce


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