Next devlog will be Friday



About time :slight_smile:

Since polls are fun:

  • Scripted Video with Narration
  • Individual Videos and Images with Notes

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Nice :smiley:


This just gave me an orgasm


Nice news :smiley:


Scripted Video with Narration


voting rises to 100%


Sorry for my bad english, but what exactly is Narration ?


Nice can t wait to see it ! Here is a mutated zombie sketch that i made in the past days

he is also excited at least it looks like it.


He speak but about the events at the frist person and… IDK how to explain in english.


tfw when you see a post by nelson about the devlog


Basically he just talks his way throughout the video, explaining what he’s doing


Nelson ASMR coming right up!


ok so it will be kinda like the video in devlog #16





I first thought this was fake and it was soon going to be transfered into the memes section,but seems like lord Nelson is back.:grin:


I’m child happy rn.


Can’t wait to see it!


I just want to hear you say “helloo” again


Yeah me too, I need more audio samples for follower notifications.


Nelson: slides into Notifications
Community: what
Nelson: Next devlog will be fri-
Community: Shhhhhh
Community: say no more


Are we gonna pin this thread or is the devlog too soon for a pin?