Next devlog?

Will the next devlog be released today? Because Nelson usually posts the devlogs on mondays. Sorry if someone else asked already but I am very excited :slight_smile:


He posts them whenever he has something to show off.*


It has been a little long since hes posted one I’m sure the next one will be a lot to show off.

FYI, on the last update notes for 3.0, Nelson said that he was visiting relatives in Calgary, so he wasn’t able to get around to a devlog.


Last weekend though…

[10 chars]

Maybe he is gonna make then next one be the 4.0 release…

Doubt it, he hasent even finished the first map and even showed us straight gameplay.

There’s many things that Nelson has not done yet. Nelson has zero intentions to rush unpolished and unfinished content out of us as a first impression, and it is very likely Nelson will still show progress updates in the coming weeks as he works on popular things like zombies.


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