Nice now that we have attachments for what seems like literally every part of the gun

I think they should all have durability that go down at different rates depending on the part of the gun and what class its in and if any of the necessary parts like the chamber the barrel or the trigger break they specifically need repairing before the guns work it makes repairing alot more in depth then just oh the gun itself is wrong somehow . . … time to repair it with scrap instead of that it’d be alot more in depth and you’d need to find a specific part make the essential parts have makeshift versons for civi guns as well with both of these aspects combined it’ll make tradeing more likely happen amoung players or working together

If your confused by my writing and want a summery here

Good guns require specific parts to be repaired instead of just scrap

if essential parts break like the chamber barrel or trigger break it makes the gun not work

Making it more challenging and interesting to maintain guns

Give civi guns another advantage by having there essential parts replaceable by makeshift parts

All of these will in one way or another spur on player cooperation and tradeing

Seems a bit complex, but a big part of my mind agrees with this. Though the “repairing guns with scrap should stop” has been going on for some time now. But I do like the idea that the inner parts of the gun lose durability such as :
The Firing Pin
The Charging Handle
The Muzzle
The Barrel

The trigger is something that shouldn’t be a concern because they hardly break if ever. However, you do have to clean up the parts mentioned above to keep them functioning perfectly. And the clean up will require a “Cleaning Kit” in order to clean the parts. If the parts were not cleaned and were used too much, that part would be damaged and therefore unallowing the player to fire, forcing him/her to look for that gun part in a military base or a gun store.

But still, the durability should last a good amount of mags before breaking

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If you want to turn the game into hell. Do this.

Why can’t we do away with scrap repair entirely?

I mean that’s more of a last resort, MacGyver fix.

Make everything a lot more durable than they are in Unturned 3, rework/rebalance what gets worsened via quality degrading, and introduce weapon repair kits like Nelson originally conceptualized? :thinking:

To an extent, I think scrap metal repair does make some sense though mechanically though. At the very least for the makeshift weapons and vests.

True, but for the most part; scrap should not be a magic fix-all, especially not for military-grade guns/equipment, rocket launchers, chainsaws, or freaking experimental railgun. It’s too easy and too unrealistic at the same time.

Most guns in 3.0, as well as barrel attachments have the durability of a paper mache replica I would’ve made in my backyard. A significant buff is needed in this regard, but also other things such as the components and parts that see the most wear should now have durability where they didn’t before. That said durability should no longer be simulated as a whole for the entire gun, but rather on a per-part basis as you in particular are fully aware.

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