Nice Share!


This is what I strive for the most.


Someday I’ll get the gold. Some day.


I am part of the elite.


yeah caused you farmed us out like animals





okay wait what



Wtf, are you using a bot? that has upped to 81


every day it gets worse. image
I am now 5 badges off from having double the amount of toltal badges that existed back when I made this post.


Why is it happening


I’m not, it just goes up by like 15 every time I check the fourms.


My guess is it’s a bug, due to the fact that all of these badges come from a post that consists entirely out of links. So easily a link is clicked on that thread, I get the badge. No link on that thread has 25 clicks alone, but together, easily. basically, the algorithm that gives the badge doesn’t check for one link with 25 clicks, it just checks for 25 clicks. Though everytime a link that hasn’t been clicked before gets clicked, it gives me another version of the badge.


I might just do an experiment and make a fake account, click one of the links, and then see if it gives me the badge on this account.
EDIT: Going to do it.


wtf is this. Dont ever come back, we cant let it spread. You are officially Quarantined

(Was gonna make a picture for that, but decided not to)




Actually, I have no idea. I just did it, didn’t receive the badge. And the links don’t have even close to 81 clicks unless the forums doesn’t want to tell me the true amount of clicks.
My final guess is that the algorithm wasn’t built for the type of post I made.




Going to do a few more tests, like seeing if I can make a new fourm with discourse to mess around.
Nvm not going to do that lol.




Spebby i gotta say,

Nice Share





this is getting ridiculous.
thx comm