Night length increases and decreases depending on the season

So, my suggestion is that the nights will become longer in the winter, and shorter in the summer.
This would make the winter more challenging.


Sounds good, the nights at winter could also be darker than the nights at summer


wait are we gonna have seasons


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Yes, you can see the season changing in the devlog where nelson showed us the cars

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oh, thought these were just bioms like in minecraft

No, although i’m sure there will be snowy mountain tops and hot deserts that don’t get any snow too. Also they obviously won’t change as fast as they did in the devlog, that was just for demonstrative purposes.

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The title. Nighttime during the winter should be longer than the daytime, and vice versa for summer.



Night length increases and decreases depending on the season

How long should an average day last ?

Thats already in unturned, Look at russia or france for example

in general though I would keep night short, but some variation would be cool.

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