Night vision

It’d be nice if the game simulated light overload for early gen NODs. Modern nods have a feature known as “autogating”, allowing them to stay operational even in harsh light, but older generations like the PVS 14s and similar don’t have this.

As a tradeoff, old gen NODs are more common, all the way up to National Guard or something you won’t find autogated nods.
Further, these nods can come in monocular or binocular versions. Mono nods restrict vision somewhat, but let you recover from bright lights faster with your other eye.
Bino nods have improved fov, but one flashbang…

I guess maybe picture quality also might work as a tuning knob?
Either way, stuff like the GPNVG with quad tubes, very rare spec purpose tier stuff that has really good picture, fov, and autogating should be like, the endpoint of everything


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