No Sleep to skip night

I don’t think the thing on the roadmap about players sleeping to skip nights should be added.

Night time is when you can loot safely, it’s the best time to raid/attack enemies and just slot more thrilling than daytime.

Also it’s unlikely 24 (or however many) players on a server will agree to sleep at the same time, especially here in Europe where 1 server could be speaking 10 different languages.

If you sleep in the apocalypse you run the risk of being robbed or killed, and that’s how sleeping should work in the game.


your acting like the players will be the biggest danger in 4.0. they wont. Zombies are most likely to build up in hordes over the night. and so you will probably die if you venture through the nigh. Plus, it will be a LOT darker, up to the point you NEED a flashlight well if nelson wants to make the game harder, which he does also, its more likely to be more for singleplayer. it will have its uses. yes, it will be hard to get all players to sleep but yeah, its still a mechanic a lot of people want.


I think sleeping shouldnt skip night, however, it would accelerate regeneration, and reduce food and water a lot slower

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if you don’t want to skip the night, you literally don’t go to bed. Simple.


“Okay, everybody, get out of the mine and come to the bed, it’s night!”


That’s one of the issues though, when you want to skip night on a server there will always be that one player that refuses.

When you don’t want to skip night there will be players begging you to sleep.

Its a constant annoyance.

Also the problem of players on a server speaking serveral languages which will be the case in the EU servers.

Basically read the post before you comment next time.

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I agree you can sleep for regen/healing with the risks that come with being asleep in the apocalypse.

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I dont like the sleeping thing either because what happens to the people that dont sleep because they want to be a jerk rendering it useless to sleep, or for the people that cant get a bed because they just spawned, and that it would be extremely like Minecraft with the sleeping for everyone to pas the night.

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I don’t think players are going to be the main adversaries in 4.0


Ok peeps, I never said players will be the main adversaries…

But Nelson DID say there will be pvp.

These comments about players not being the biggest threat aren’t even relevant lol.


They kinda are though because your main post hinged around that…

…so I’d recommend not just throwing the critique under the bus. There’s a reason why there’s comments about it.


y u bully me?:frowning: /s

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