No spotted thirdperson

The idea is, in thirdperson you need to see with the characted the player so can see it in the screen, i think this eliminate the OP thirdperson of U3, but i think this is already planned

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  2. I haven’t heard that this was planned for any version of Unturned
  3. Players aren’t the only thing you can see unfairly by using third-person to peak around walls
  4. There needs to be a clear indicator of what is on your screen but is outside your vision

I’ve suggested any entities that are outside fp view are invisible. (so basically, if you try to peek around a wall in third person, you can only see the buildings. you can see cars, items, players, ect.

Because of the fact that you mention U3, I’m going to categorize this accordingly.

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Pretty sure he means for 4.x.

As a suggestion for thirdperson…

personally I think that would almost be worse, there could be better ways to balance third person. Having no aim thing would be one of them. I’ve seen this on a few servers and it helps a bit

ehhh… I dont think so.

The point of it is so you can have an advantage over others as you can see them around corners. It doesnt matter if you dont have a crosshair, if someone can see you from around the corner, they can still go into first person and wreck you because you didnt know they were there.

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Yeah, of course it’s still very strong being able to see in third person and I don’t think it’s a good game mechanic. But having it so you think you can peak around corners but you can’t isn’t a good fix. It’s gonna confuse new players and it really doesn’t fit with how the game is.

And another thing, peaking around a corner then going into first person is gonna be very weird for most people and people are still going to guess where their shots are gonna go pretty easily, couple that with increased recoil for third person and it’s better then not being able to see stuff around corner, which is gonna confuse a lot of people and isn’t gonna fit with the game at all.

It’s really not that confusing. And explain to me how it doesn’t fit the game


Okay so. If you can look around a corner and see the objects but not the players/zombies that could easily confuse people into thinking they can see around a corner and see when they actually can’t. Unturned have never had a complex view system where you can’t see things because they shouldn’t be seen by your players eyes. It would be hard to implement in this type of game and especially one as fast paced as Unturned.

And when you are in third person and switch to first the center of the screen are indifferent places and that’s gonna mess up your aim. So you have to walk around a corner, switch views, shoot, go prone, correct your aim and manage your recoil all at the same time. Which is a lot to think about, making it extremely unpractical compared to just guessing where your shots will hit and having to compensate the recoil a lot more.

So having stuff invisible when peeking around a corner is not only gonna be difficult to implement but it’s gonna be confusing and impractical. Giving third person no crosshair and increased recoil, or just removing it, would be better solutions to the third person problem.