Noslen? Updates plox?


Am I the only one who wants Nelson to upload something?
It doesn’t necessarily have to be about the game. It could be about his life and how things are going so we can be in the picture and not nag like 3 year old kids. At least that’s what I want. If he can upload an update of the game’s development, that’s awesome. And if he’s just talking about where he is in life, that’d be awesome as well. Just wanna make sure he’s not dead lol


nelson should start a

vlogging channel


yeah lmao like the forums are dead cuz everyone is waiting for something to happen… we’ve already milked most topics, and… yeah well its dying.

@SDGNelson, Honestly, I know how hard it is to develop a game while so many things are happening but please, maybe post frequent devblogs with less in them, just to keep the hype going.

Quantity > Quality


Changed to #uncategorized because this has nothing to deal with Unturned 4.x.

And concerning Nelson actually uploading something, he is probably busy with real life stuff and actually making the game, I wouldn’t worry if he doesn’t say anything for a while.


That isn’t what I was asking for


Then why did you ask it?


What I meant was…
What you thought I was asking for, isn’t what I was actually asking for.
The quote that I did was what I was asking for. Which was “If he is too busy to work on the game, then he can at least give us updates about how his life is going so far. Doesn’t have to be about Unturned 4.x”


He may not want to communicate, or he may just be more closed off as to what he wants to say.

I would just leave things be, it’s his life and he is allowed to live it as he sees fit; and if he does not want to communicate with us about his life, it’s all okay, so long as he is happy.

Or Molton is holding him hostage, that could also be a possibility


I shall pretend to be Nelson, but speak in third-person while doing so.

Nelson gone done an update to Unturned (version 3) on Tuesday. The full patch notes haven’t been released yet, but I posted a majority of them on the Wikia. They’re not that interesting to the general player base.

Nelson gone done a bit of focusing on car stuff semi-recently. If Trello wasn’t proof enough here’s a an old picture.


Nelson been working off and on with some wiki-related server/database/technical stuff so it’s less jury-rigged together. Clean reinstall of stuff. Going to do the switcheroo at some point.

You’re welcome!


Thanks for the clarification


So you holding him hostage is still within the realm of possibility then, because how else did you get this image :thinking:


draw my life




What is that comment on that wiki