Now that night vision always has fog

Can we remove the glow for nightvision, now it has another inherit disadvantage to using it, not only do you look like a glowstick when their on, but now the fog that they give cannot be turned off. So can we remove the glow now :3

No, the glow makes it so it isn’t an insanely unfair advantage against people that have no light of any sort.


i mean yeah but night vision goggles are rare, hard to find

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I mean, thats kind of the point of night vision? Why should i be disadvantaged because i want to be able to see? And why should i stick out like a sore thumb when i want to see? + you have to be in first person to use it. I mean theres a reason why i never use night vision any more and thats the reason. I feel like for such a rare item, it should be more useful that making you die easier.

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rare =/= balanced

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First, it’s a rare item. Quite unique in its own sense, and also provides good vision on clear nights. This gives you an advantage in both PvP and PvE servers, making it a neat all-rounder. It’s already a really “strong” item, taking disadvantages (which are used for compensation) away would cause it to be easily abusable.

The glow is realistic and good compensation. For example, an ATN PS15 may glow when activated in a dark area. If the night vision doesn’t glow, it makes it nearly impossible to hunt down snipers and ghillie campers. night vision glow exists for a reason.

The fog is just foggy lenses, which are kind of hard to clean considering there are multiple lenses inside and It’s quite literally post-zombie apocalypse so…

hard to get = balanced

that doesn’t mean getting lucky and finding it is hard to get

I believe that anything can be extremely powerful if the steps into getting it is extremely hard, they’res limits such as
killing everyone in the server at once
hacker-like powers

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you can only get military night vision from megas and very rare drops in some deadzones.

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It isn’t a strong item. I don’t ever use it when I’m pvping and don’t see a Need to when pve. It’s the only drops I don’t care about when I find it. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages for me.

This isn’t realistic? If night visions actually glowed, then military personnel wouldn’t use it? What type of night vision are you using? There might be a side glow from the back-lit screen, but not glowing? And the fog isn’t because it isn’t clean? Lmao Wot. How did you come to this conclusion

I’m just providing solutions. I understand why you would choose to not use it, but now you’re just confusing me. If you don’t use it for PvP, the glow is basically pointless and it doesn’t really do much other than aesthetics. The fog is the only thing getting in your way now. That’s a single thing preventing you from using it properly, and if you turn your graphics down (I think there’s a fog optin) it either makes it really transparent or removes it completely. There’s no reason to remove either of those disadvantages, because given that the vast majority of the PvP community employs it in one way or another.

My point still stands.
I do, however agree that it should be an option for the server hosts to enable or disable the fog or the glow. That would help in some situations where there’s really no need for disadvantages or the host just wants people to ghillie camp more often.

Turn up your brightness

Yeah that’s one way to do it lol

Don’t be another one of those people who falsely claim to know things about a certain topic. While it is true that not all night vision goggles will produce a glow, the variant in Unturned is one that does. If this was a more realistic game, you may have options for some sort of passive night vision alternative that wouldn’t have a noticeable glow.

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if this was a realistic game then the carjacks wouldn’t fire vehicles 10 meters in the air

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He was the person who brought it up first? I literally didnt mention anything about realism until he said so, and i proved him wrong? Why you attacking me? And he pretended to know about it? Why not say the same thing to him? yikes.

Other than aestheics? The point is that you can be seen from almost any distance when your night vision glow like they do. It gives your position away. And if you read the update notes you would know that there is now NO removal option for fog. Thats the whole point of this discussion… The point of it is that now fog cannot be disabled, it should be the disadvantage of using night vision, not the glow also.

And your point is invalid, because if your coming up against most people nowadays, they wont have night vision, thus you will never be able to find them? I dont get it? Yes it proves a disadvantage to using night vision and balancing it. However, my point is, that with this update, nelson has unknowingly nerfed the night vision and i believe that the fog is a good way to balance it, thus the glow should be removed. Thats this whole discussion?

I dont personally believe it needs a buff by removing the glow.

Just doesn’t need to happen, its pretty balanced.

You didn’t prove him wrong at all. Instead, you decided to make up an answer that fit with what you wanted to hear. Also what makes you say that HE pretended to know anything? He may not have cited specific sources but he gave an example that could support his view.

If you want to go ahead with believing false information, its your choice. Just don’t make it an issue when people start pointing out the truth.

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Got it.

Now, a note here, the night vision goggles are made to glow in unturned not based completely off of realism, but to balance it. I think that’s widely known already. I did, however find out that it casts a glow on your retina (due to most models using an LED screen) which is easily seen, very similar to a glow. Yes, it is seen very easily seen and can be extremely bright.


Quora answer, albeit very accurate

NVGs do indeed fog, there was a reddit post on r/Military (which is for real in-service soldiers, if you doubt it) which was titled “How do you keep NVGs from fogging up?” This alone gives enough context for me to come to a conclusion that night vision indeed can have fog on its lenses. Also, they’re lenses. Any lens that don’t get foggy are either:

  1. Very high quality (not likely, I have no idea if possible)
  2. Anti-fog (which doesn’t help a lot)
  3. Ones that don’t exist

Reddit post on fogging NVGs

There’s your sources.
Oh yeah, here’s even more that you should thank Nelson for not adding.

Disadvantages that you are very lucky not to have
  1. Lack of quality or clarity, having blurry or terrible sight
  2. Limited field of vision (about 40 degrees)
  3. Requiring an additional power source
  4. ADSing would be very clunky
  5. Camouflage is still effective :eyes:
  6. Takes about 30 seconds to adapt to darkness after turning them off

Just a side note, some games include a constant “whirring” sound when night vision is turned on. In relation to real NVGs, they do not produce any sort of noise when activated, unlike how certain video games portray them. You should be very happy that the sound doesn’t exist.
Be glad I’m not putting effort into finding more.

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