NPC missions

I have an idea, what about: missions with npc you have to look for them or accompany them, and tell them the actions they have to do as ‘’ wait, attack or shoot if they attack them ‘’ example: you need to look for an npc with the help of another that accompanies you from the safe area, and have events such missions as there is just a full moon and you have to survive in a house with those npc and then you have to return to the safe area and is only for misions

So…Escort Missions? Oh dear God…Here’s the thing, if these are going to be implemented, they need to be done in such a way that isn’t frustrating. NPCs would need to not be complete idiots and get themselves stuck in areas where they could die in an instant, and they need to be able to react appropriately to a given situation, all be it not as effective as a player, but more effective than just dying faster than you can count to three.


Skyrim inspiration in it’s pure form

That’s basically one of the major reasons I don’t want them in the game.
The idea is good, but in a multiplayer game… not so much because NPCs can get stuck very easily in an open world map. And if they encounter an enemy, will they be spinbot hackers that can snipe you from 200 meters with a crossbow in the dark while it’s raining? Or will they waste a Nykorev’s box to hit someone at point blank range? And if they do get stuck, how will they fix themselves?
Too many complications


Fuck escort missions. Like really. They’re annoying and hard to code.


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