NPC's in 4.0

Are 4.0 NPC’s Going to be different than 3.0?

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I dont see any reason why they would change.

well if the switch to Unreal 4 happens i bet NPCs could change drastically like they could move about and do things like fish or something i dont know but it would be cool to see some upgrade to them

Unreal engine is more focused on graphics. An engine change wont change the way Nelson can code.

There are chances that they would be the same, maybe a few changes to how they would talk and function but overall it may be the same.

but atleast Unreal will be able to do more than unity and maybe make some stuff easier

i dont know shit about unreal engine ,i would still love to see NPCs get a bit more “life” though

Yeah, that’s true. But Nelson is the one who would have to make the code for wandering NPC’s or stuff like that, not unreal engine. (but at least we’d actually be able to run them)

roaming npcs (around a area) would be cool atleast for minor npcs

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I really hope for NPCs to be completely overhauled. Allow for basic movement, ability to use items, path finding, patrolling, etc.

Would I love to see more NPC possibilities maybe such as following you and fighting along side you while you do certain quests such as hordes and fishing as already mentioned? Maybe even a possibility of the world wide in game currency which can be traded with a banking NPC and used to buy stuff such as food or gear from other NPCs?

No, Unreal does not change anything.
Have a look at some good professional Unity games, see whats possible.

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