NPCs not spawning in servers?

This is pretty bothering since I had made my own map with my own NPCs to be used in a server that my friend made. He tells me that NPCs do not appear, even though we see that the server has the NPC mod installed. Any ideas on how to fix this really?

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Can you confirm this for yourself instead?

Yes, we would sit in a call and he would tell me that there are no NPCs to be seen. Even though I’m in a single player map seeing the NPCs.

You must be an MOON who has gone INSANE and is not seeing things he should be.
Either that or something is wrong with your files, I suggest you take a look and see if the locations of the NPCs are in their files.

So now I found out the problem, it’s a map problem. Now, do I make a bundles folder and put the NPCs in there?


What about the separate NPC mod I had? Can I delete that from the steam workshop?

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If you want, yeah?

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BLESS YOU:heart:

We’ll test it

Okay so here’s what I did. I put Bundles in my map, the bundles have the Ireland assets minus the NPCs, then there is the NPCs folder with my NPCs. NPCS> Characters, Vendors, Dialogues

I ended up updating th this map and still, players say that the NPCs aren’t there. Can you give me some ideas on what to do.

You never told me if you were able to see the NPCs yourself, on servers others were hosting. I’m not sure what your individual files look like, so all I can really recommend is just making sure that you set everything up right, and that you used NPCs that are bundled with the map, and not custom ones you left unbundled. If people were to check the error logs, it’d probably show part of the issue.

Don’t steal other people’s assets. Just have it set as a required mod, or make your own.

I can see them in single player. No one can see them in their single players aswell. I have the NPCs bundle in the map. Do you want me to send you the files?

This would require players to download the entirity of Ireland’s assets instead of downloading only a small snippet of them, which saves storage, RAM, etc for everyone.

He’s going to obviously give credit to ireland in the map desc

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I’m getting this error while auto-downloading the mods for the server. I’ve never had this till he updated the map. This is happening on every startup. @MoltonMontro

Just a heads-up that if he just added the NPC files to the map itself, then you shouldn’t still be subscribed to both.

Yeah, he deleted the standalone workshop NPC files shortly after I had taken that screenshot. They’re now apart of the map files itself.

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