Object propsosal for Nelson that I would reeeealy like added

Alright. So as most of us know, there is a glass object. Glass #2 and #1. They are also broken, and you can walk through them. Everyone tells me to use the Facility glass when I want a non-broken window.

Loos quite ugli. What I would like is if we could get an object that was just a square of glass that acts the same as glass, but minus the ability to walk through it. If it was just a square we would be able to resize the height and width any way we like. That way,we could have windows that aren’t broken.


Since there are destructable objects now, this wouldn’t be too bad. I think in the patch notes at some point Nelson said the reason he didn’t add doors/window panes to all the buildings with the destructible object updates was because it’d be “weird” to come across magically regrowing doors/windows.

Or maybe it was something about being able to build your own base in natural buildings, and door/window pane objects making that more difficult?

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Hm. I thought about the same thing, actually. But maybe if the glass is there they would have to break the glass to put their own fortifications in? I dunno.

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I’ve been wanting the Safezone Radiator to prevent destroyed objects from respawning. It’d make it more useful, and then stuff like upper office floors could have furniture and item spawns in there realistically, too.

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