Object Pushing for Unturned II

Dear, Nelson or Other Developers

I think that you should add a pushing mechanic, because most players get annoyed when they place an object an inch where they didn’t want it to be, and it would be helpful if you could just push the object a little further than just salvaging it and replacing it.

You would not be able to push some objects if they are very big, you would have to lift weights or take steroids to push heavier objects. The steroids would be very rare to find but they would make you decently stronger.

You would have to craft or find a weight to lift by going to places in maps like gyms or sport shops. lifts would be easy to find but it would take a while to get stronger by lifting weights.


hence why they added editor mechanics to unturned survival
press shift+f3 (i think)

mate i’m weak as a stick and i can move containers filled to the brim with old pictures and memorabilia

i see were moving into the realm of drugs… but haven’t you accounted that in a zombie Apocalypse there would be nothing or little left in city’s, towns, etc considering they were ransacked by survivors or raiders

i’ll agree with ya here, they would be rare. and i’m not saying blue shotgun rare, like very very rare. but they would only make you strong for a short amount of time. and also i’m hopin you take into account the side effects and after effects of steroids.

once again, were in a zombie apocalypse, people would’ve already stole/taken the weights and burned it down to metal or continue to use it as a weapon

Guess I won’t read the rest of the post.

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edits quickly af

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Only for admins.

as well as solo survival

I think that there should be an “editor” for moving your furnitures. But instead of giving you the freedom to move it to basically anywhere. It should keep the same principle as if you were to place it.

However. You wouldn’t be able to move floors, walls and all of the big boy structures. That you’d have to replace it the ol’ fashion way.

At least in my opinion.

You mean only small objects right? Cause big objects like a wall would need to snap to the grid first.

Yeah no that ain’t happening.



Just add snap for way more things, and things will place easier against walls.

What’s to stop people from just constantly pushing the object a lot farther?

It’s a humorous idea (taking steroids to enhance your ability to more precisely build), but I don’t think it makes sense. And that’s not me saying that from a “realism” perspective, it’s from a “I don’t think people would understand this as a game mechanic because of how loosely-related those things are” perspective.

It’s clever, and unique, but quite bizarre and random. I just really don’t think people would ever look at steroids and think “I can build better with this!” And if there’s items that make people think that, it could make gameplay convoluted. The game should make (some) sense.

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I want to push objects into doorways to block them etc…

Push objects to help reach hight up places etc…

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