Official RP servers?

I would like to see an official RP server.

Maybe with working traffic lights(the green means go, red means stop kind of thing).

Why do we need an official rp server? The community servers are fine for that.

I would not like to see this

  • Offical RP servers 4.0
  • Lmao the base game

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well maybe nelson could make it so rp servers function better?
As in the game supports them but no official servers

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Again why do you need official RP servers in a primarily survival game?

It’s a secondary, community made mode.

And this is me saying that - I literally have a thousand hours in RP. I enjoy it a lot.


I don’t think RP Servers should have official servers.

Reasons for this is, since Nelson is planning on adding a lot of customization towards making gamemodes. So since people we be able to get creative with making their own game modes, whoever is first and makes a really good gamemode will obviously make it highly trending within the community and so people will start playing it.

So there isn’t really a need for official gamemodes other than vanilla in my opinion

In the future: Breaking all rules in Unturned 4.0 OFFICIAL RP server! video will came out.


And that is why you whitelist your server.

So retards like that have no chance.

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