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I am trying to play with friends and it is difficult to find populated servers or host a server to play with, especially as a player from the Oceania region the server list is a ghost town unless if I choose a server with 300+ ping. Anyways maybe integrating Unturned with the steam online thing that allows servers through steam or even just a few official servers for a fun vanilla experience especially since every server is just KitPvP or RP.

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Is making a server effortless, no.
Does making a server take more than a couple of minutes (especially if it is just for you and your buddies, meaning LAN), no.
P2P or listen server should make a comeback. Dedis do and should take a modicum of effort.

Agreed! There should be a category to filter through “Community” and “Official” with this distinction!
Or custom, or any other method. Left 4 Dead has this filter in it’s server search feature which is incredibly handy for choosing to play highly modded servers with plugins or normal/semi-normal servers.

(NOTE: Left 4 Dead’s server browsing systems were compromised by weird developers making a very NSFW plugin called Lewd4Dead that has been patched out only for the devs behind it to return, for people criticizing how that system doesn’t work and that they end up in weird modded servers, that above is the reason why ^, otherwise it functions as intended)

I am not sure if it is difficult to host official servers but I feel that it could be beneficial to the game for having more player retention since official servers will be a trustworthy and non monetised place for people to play, I am rather tired of almost every server having kits and tpa/home plugins. It is also especially hard to find normal/hard difficulty servers. it will also be beneficial for Nelson since new players (which there is currently a lot of because according to the steam charts the unturned player count only recently peaked at over 100,000 players) might purchase some things such as loot boxes or a gold upgrade after enjoying themselves.


The main issues would be money and moderation. I very much doubt he’d recoup even a fraction of the amount spent on hosting a few servers via (additional) Steam purchases. Plus BE being the meme that it is you’d probably want some sort of human intervention to catch cheaters and glitchers on there, which is a whole different can of worms.

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