Offroading road car

You really shouldn’t be able to offroad a road car without damaging it. So i suggest this. Should make road cars have a chance of getting a busted wheel when offroading due to it not being a offroad vehicle. another way i see discouraging offroading in road cars is making the cars over steer or under steer dependent of there drive train. Rwd=oversteer Fwd=understeer. This could make the player make a choice between speed or offroad capability.


The Hatchback in UII is actually a FWD vehicle - and already suffers from understeer.

In addition, I’m not a fan of having RNG-dictated damage as a result of offroad driving, and would much rather stick to the current system where a vehicle’s vertical clearance is one of the main dictators of offroad consequences - scraping your underside as a result should be what causes the damage instead. The Hatchback already demonstrates this, as it suffers noticeably to the point of underside scraping on uneven terrain.


The problem with that is you don’t want the vehicle to take damage just driving over certain objects, like unturned

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In U3 the vehicle takes damage when the front bumper hitbox (the same one that is able to apply damage to entities) hits something fast enough. It has nothing to do with UII’s system.

(This is why driving backwards in U3 makes you virtually impervious to collision damage and why aircraft can survive falls from the skybox without a single point of damage.)

This is a pretty interesting concept, maybe make up for the lack speed offroaders for being able to build your own makeshift roads?

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