Oh yeah, project zomboid

In case anyone doesn’t know, project zomboid build 41 was released in the IWBUMS test version last Friday, so go check it out. It’s pretty fun.

I don’t have a link tho.

Oh yeah, buy project zomboid before they up the price with the full release of the build.

ok so basically

project zomboid bad

There’s new fully animated 3D characters with animations for almost every action. Also, if three or more zombies manage to get close enough to be able to attack you, all simultaneously, you get dragged to the floor and die instantly with zero chance of retaliation. I legit just got out of a game where i was doing pretty well, day 2, backpack, fun hat, opened a door thinking there was one zombie. Nope! There was five. They pushed me into a corner and ate me.

Also also, i really didn’t expect it but Hydrocraft and Littering (two mods 100% required for play imo) work totally fine with zero bugs, other than Hydrocraft’s modded melee weapons (of which i only found one) not having models and showing up invisible when equipped.

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