Okay so I'm regular now

I’m a useless person.

Gone but not forgotten.


lurk moar is a cursed phrase

Lol, no body is happy for you.
I remember my welcome was great

Back to plebbit

shut, non-regular discord mod


Please stop. Just stop.
“shut up non-regular”

You’re literally not special. Regular doesn’t mean a thing. It doesn’t automatically mean you’re a contributing source to the forums with great topics. It just means you’re active. And anyone can do that.

The vast majority of your posts bring nothing to the table. They’re shitposts, memes, etc.

So please don’t try to flex on people with your regular status when not only does it not really mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it also (at least in your case) isn’t something you honestly deserve.


shut up non-regular

spez: realized he’s a fellow regular, shit


What happens when you become a regular, is born another arm or else the person creates wings? :thinking:

I literally cannot tell what you are trying to get across

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Not only is he a “fellow regular”, he’s the first non-staff Regular in the history of the SDG Forum too, bro


Ain’t that the motherfuckin’ truth.

Shut up wall of text writer. This is #community-lounge and anyone who thinks there’s any real significance to the phrase “shut up nonregular” needs to take the stick out of their ass.

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Shut up non-leader scums


aye aye captain

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How is that a wall of text? And what’s your issue? I keep trying to see you as a respectable forum member but then occasionally become hostile for no reason. I’m not sure why you’re trying to defend the guy either when you can easily navigate his post history and see numerous low effort posts.

Guys, communism will help us spread love and stop us from hating each other!


What you are calling “low effort” and “hostile” is what most people refee to as jokes, and, while they may not always be tasteful or funny or add anything to the forums, writing a four paragraph lecture on the nature and value of the regular title doesn’t serve any purpose except letting us pat ourselves on the back for being respectable intellectuals.

yeah and why would you blindly assume someone’s gatekeeping and not joking by saying

“haha non regular, what a heretic!!!”

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