Omega Compund Still Broken After over 4 Patches

The Omega Compund On the new Greece map has been broken for some time now and there is no sign of it being fixed. Nelson Please Fix. Also Can I get that Debugger Beret now XD But seriously it’s be cool m8.

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                                                                                                                                                              jk PandasPlease

Although I haven’t checked to see how if it can be fixed via .dat file changes, I assume it’s an error on M2m’s part and not Nelson’s.

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Look I got a few issues here

  1. Fix that dang signature. > is used to quote. It makes your formatting look bad and a bit childish to have them scroll all the way to the right to see a message.

  2. stop soft-begging for a Debuggers in every thread you post (twice so far). It wasn’t even funny the first time. AFAIK those were a limited offer to fix a bug wave and it makes you seem immature.

  3. Nelson didn’t make Greece. @gamez2much, @Mooki2much, @Spyjack and the rest of M2M (lol iDrmzIt but not really) did. same people who made Hawaii since It’s another curated map.


Wow I mean Really Like Wow I will Take that to heart