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Good day to all! I want to ask the optimization will be better than 4.0 and how much the developer would evaluate it on a 10-point scale in advance thanks. Good luck in the development of the game!

He’s making the game more optimized than it’s current state in 3.0, that’s for sure. Nelson believes that mid-low tier rig will at the very least be able to play at a stable 30 FPS. That being said, potato battery PCs will likely not be able to run it, as is usual within the gaming industry as time passes.

Saying “make the game good and then rate it on a scale of 1 to 10” doesn’t really help someone optimize it. That being said, what I’m about to say next has already been said so i’m not going to say it
top tier sentence

Nelson has confirmed that he’s focusing a lot more on optimization in 4.0 than 3.0, and Unreal Engine 4 is a optimized and capable engine, so chances are you’re going to be seeing better performance than what you’re used to in 3.0, but laptops, as n3rfcr4zy5, are never a staple of PC performance, unless you get a gaming laptop (which is an awful idea and a waste of money imo).
No one has had an opportunity to play 4.0 at this moment, except Nelson, so we can’t say how well it will run for certain, but that’s why a beta will the launched and the game is going to be free anyway, so time will tell.


Well on Blog Nelson has revealed that he wants at least 30 fps on the PC for really low specs, but we do not know how low he meant, but we can be sure that the PCs that already run the unturned will continue to spin, the unturned will not is fully optimized the game There is no date to be released which means that Nelson has enough time to optimize and fix bugs and even when the beta comes out does not mean that the game will work that way in what is said in fps for example in the beta executions at 30 fps but in the final version can run at 40 fps, an example is the PUBG when it was available in steam was very poorly optimized and not 1.0 is already a bit lighter, that is, we can only be sure of the optimization when leaving of the final version, in addition to what he said, low specification PCs will run at 30 fps, so we know that unturned will be as optimized as possible, just remembering very low specification PCs.

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To reiterate, yes, Unturned II will be more optimized than 3.0 due to a number of reasons.

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