Ooh Boy more map previews!


All these screenshots are from my custom map grovet.
download here (unfinished): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1556714542&searchtext=grovet
All of these locations are still unnamed so leave your suggestions.
first off we have a small town. (there is also a city but it is unfinished.)

Now we have a coalition captured weapon factory.

A militairy outpost.

A police roadblock on a bridge…

Oh look a church… yeah just a church…

A farm…

Oooooooohh a Coalition air traffic control center…

And last a hotel… jup just a hotel…

Maybe a bed and breakfast idk…
k bye.


Is this Overgrown 4? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Tone down the bushes and foliage and so that maybe I can see the actual map?


Actually you can see fine inside the buildings. Just an occasional blind spot.
Believe it or not it was worse before.


I have played the overgrown 3+ map and it is inspired by it yes but a map can be full of folliage and not immediately be an overgrown ripoff.


I was joking man,map is awsome :grin:


Thanks. Did you download it ?


Grass hours


Ghillie suit

Ghillie suit


Not yet,but when I finish my HW I will ASAP


I don’t think bushes grow on walls but you do you buddy