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Should there be multiple damage types in Unturned 2(4.x) or should all damage work the same? For example, I feel that some bullets should be unable to penetrate body armor, but others should.
If so, I think there should be three main physical types.

•• Bash:
Hitting something with a blunt object. Fists come to mind, followed by a plank of wood. Most basic kind of blunt force damage. Capable of stunning and disorienting a target if the hit is good enough.

•• Cutting:
Self explanatory. Slashes with a sharpened blade. Can be simple shallow slashes, or deep cuts. Possible to dismember a target.

•• Piercing:
• Hard:
Arrows, stabbing, getting impaled by anything. Some FMJ bullets, High velocity bullets, some polymer tipped bullets, bullets with hardened cores (Steel, Depleted uranium, tungsten) Can penetrate most body armor.
• Soft:
Some FMJ bullets, soft point bullets, hollow point bullets, buckshot and birdshot, any other kind of bullet that is intended to stop in its target and not pass through. Can be defeated by most body armor.

Other types of damage such as burning, acid, poison, and radiation could be considered, but I don’t have anything to type about them right now.

I like the Blunt objects, as a player being hit can have his camera jerked around, and the blunt object can make up multiple consecutive hits upon a player, but these blunt objects should deal low damage comparative to the sharp objects that also cause bleeding.


Blunt damage is based on kinetic energy. the faster or heavier something is, the more blunt damage it deals, under most cases anyways. A bullet mainly does piercing damage, but if you’re wearing body armor, some or all of that becomes blunt damage. You can protect from blunt damage with layered clothing, and helmets with padding on the inside.
Also, I hope the whole bleeding system is reworked.

Blunt objects may cause people to lose consciousness after being bashed several times or one good hit.

How bout we just make it so they die. I don’t want to be dragged away by little kids and… Well… You don’t want to know…

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good point

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Meh. (10 ch)

I think that this is getting overcomplicated.

I still think bullets should damage you even if it doesn’t penetrate. Maybe like 5% l. But, after getting shot multiple times and the bullet not penetrating you could maybe get bruises, and your ribs start to break. Maybe bruises would reduce movement speed, and broken ribs reduce action rate, and decrease maximum health until fixed?

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I vote for flamethrower and Fire Damage, what better way to kill piles of rotting flesh?

Bullets. Bullets are a better way to kill literally anything including rotting flesh

i am counter any tipe of effect in you screen when you receive a shoot may it bother you.


  • Shoot very near.
  • Shoot in your head.
  • Damage by a melee weapon.
  • very shoots in a less period of time.


Capable of stunning and disorienting a target if the hit is good enough.

  • I am counter exeption if you get hit by no helmet and for back

Possible to dismember a target.


About bullets and armor penetration

  • I am favor but I believe we are going to need a concept well done and explained.

Instead of set categories of damage that haves specific effects, we could just have more effects that weapons can do, and weapons can have greater or lesser chances of causing those effects or cause them to greater or lesser degrees. For example, a wood cutting axe would have some of the effects of both a blunt hammer, and a sharp knife, because it uses both a sharp cutting edge (though usually not as sharp, or at as an efficient of an angle as a knife edge) and a large heavy head moving with significant leverage.

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I’m actually making a guide about this, but more focused on melee. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t figure out what Zero meant, but I kinda get what Harvest is saying. I’m not meaning for effects to be specific to one damage type, and anything can deal damage in more than one kind. Bullets can deal both blunt and piercing damage, a knife can deal both piercing and cutting (and a small amount of blunt damage), and an axe deals some cutting damage and a great amount of blunt damage. To be honest, I’m not really focusing on special statuses applied, but specifically the kind of damage applied.

The reason behind this idea is for us to have more believable combat(pvp and pve) and item damage.

isn’t suppression being added already? I think if you have a military helmet and military body armor, low cal weapons shouldn’t penetrate but they will suppress the target a bit, and that aspect makes military zombies harder because then they’ll have more protection and all you’re doing is stunning them a bit plus your idea is just perfect.

penetration isn’t solely based on caliber. it’s dependent on the actual bullet. Most handgun calibers can’t penetrate, but some bullets in those calibers are designed to penetrate. You have many different bullet types of each caliber and they all behave differently. Imagine the difference between .223 softpoint, .223 FMJ, and .223 Green tipped ammo. Same caliber, but the bullets behave differently. The speed of the bullet when it hits the target makes a big difference too (bullets do get slower as they zoom away, that’s why bullet drop is a parabola, not a perfect arc.)
Even if a bullet doesn’t go through your armor, it will still hurt a little. I think that’s what you’re meaning by suppression.

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