OpenMod RocketMod Bridge

If you don’t know what OpenMod is, check it out here.

The OpenMod RocketMod Bridge (ORB) is a fork of the official LDM module which includes patches to allow RocketMod / LDM to co-exist with OpenMod. Unlike the LDM module it is not a standalone module but an OpenMod plugin instead.

Installing the OpenMod RocketMod Bridge
You can install the ORB plugin with openmod install OpenMod.Rocket.Unturned. After that you can continue to use your Rocket folder exactly like with the standalone RocketMod / LDM module.

Source code is available here.

Using OpenMod permissions
The ORB plugin does not use OpenMod’s permission file but RocketMod’s own Permissions.config.xml instead. This may be an issue for larger servers where maintaining two different permissions system may be a problem.

You can install the OpenMod Rocket Permission Link plugin to force RocketMod to use OpenMod’s permission system instead: openmod install OpenMod.Rocket.PermissionLink. Notice that this plugin is incompatible with any RocketMod permissions plugin, e.g. Advanced Permissions.

Please report any bugs you have with the ORB plugin here.

The OpenMod RocketMod Bridge is licensed under the MIT license and based on the RocketMod project, copyright © Sven Mawby.

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