Optimisation / Delay

Could we please get in this update better fps optimisations and more work on movement delay, Basicly Unturned is all about timing delay. Somebody is behind a tree and inhis screen he moves from the tree but in mine he doesnt after 2 sec i see him move but in that time im already dead thats kinda annoying ive been dealing with this in pvp for like 1 year now and i know how to fight with it now but still it is ruining alot of fun and tbh for such game as it is right now it should get some work in my opinion the better the game works the more fun it becomes, This also means Vehicle delay seeing a car being 15m away from you and suddenly it kills you thats really annoying

That sounds like a server latency issue.

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What your asking for is to make the speed of light infinate.

Well then maybe 99.5% of unturned servers have this issue

What’s the latency of the servers you typically join though? :thinking:

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9/10x i have 5/11ping

The problem you have is lag issues
Since there is no actual official server for the best experience. Lag is expected. Even if it reads 20ms

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