Option to disable attachment durability

We had the option to disable durability for weapons/tools for quite a while, but we don’t have the ability to disable attachment durability, why not have it?

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You raise a good point.

This should honestly have been made a config option, even if off by default.

I thought it was intentional that arrows and muzzle attachments still lose durability even when durability is set to not reduce. Why would it be necessary to have a setting to make arrows OP?

It wouldn’t, i think this sort of option shouldn’t effect arrows, just the barrel attachments.

Just so you can run around in your pvp server with a suppressor and not have zombies sneak up on you? Or be the guy on the hill with a flash hider and no one can find you?

In all honesty it should have been an option, but it just helps toxic “tacticool” people who want a suppressor on there gun without have to change it.

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It is so stupid on why this isn’t an option yet. There are hundreds of mods with suppressors and flash hiders that have no durability. Yet the vanilla ones don’t last more then a mag or two. I have yet to see someone complain about unlimited durability to be OP on servers with modded muzzles.