Overhauling the current trend of Unturned Maps


After playing the DayZ free weekend and exploring its own map, “Chernarus”, I wanted to know a few things from the Unturned community regarding the current state of Unturned maps. What can mapmakers do to make their projects more interesting and non repetitive? What are the biggest issues with Unturned maps (i’m not talking about performance…). How should map designers go about fixing this stuff? Some things that come to mind for me are more player interaction and more of a survival focus - but I’m not sure how to accomplish that.


Mainly, I think it’s taking a unique idea or location and running with it. We have plenty of Russia clones on the workshop, but nobody wants to make a snowy map. Maybe take ideas from other games; for instance, I think a map that is mostly underground would certainly be a cool and also potentially creepy.

Basically what I said before, repetitiveness, boring layout, and uninspired design.

A lot of issues that I have with Unturned maps stem from the fact of how easy they are. I think workshop maps can break this through many different ways, for instance:

Problem: Players can get military gear way too easily.

Solution: Isolate the military base, make it so that it requires a boat, helicopter, or maybe even a generator to reach the base.

Problem: It’s difficult to focus on survival

Solution: Limit loot spawns, make it so that not every player is clad in military gear; try to follow in Carpat’s footsteps, but don’t make the same mistakes they did.

Also unmarked locations will help alot with that, as they encourage exploration.

And please add more than one deer spawn; PLEASE.

Problem: We need more player interaction, but not the PvP kind.

Solution: Basically what I just said above, limiting spawns and also locations will provoke players to team up in order to survive. However, some people just can’t help themselves when it comes to killing each other, so it may also be wise to limit gun spawns.

I hope this helps at least a little bit.


I really like these ideas, will be keeping them in mind for future maps.


The main problem is incentivizing geared players to go to starter towns. PEI has starter towns bordering military bases, so does washington, russia has the oil rig and npcs, hawaii has npcs, germany has the same problem as pei and washington, and france has both deadzones right outside of the starter area.

On russia and france this causes a funnel of players with civilian gear trying to go up to the military bases, and a funnel of geared players going down that have military loot. Its just bad design.

All you have to do is not put any military things near starter locations, its not that hard tbh. There should also be a means of getting food and meds near or in military locations to keep geared players near those locations.


Yea this needs to change in future maps


Oy vey new mexico would’ve been perfect for you, a shame innit


I don’t think maps should be based off real world places/countries. It’s tired, stupid, and unoriginal to have maps based off real countries, locations named after major cities in that country with about 5 buildings.

I’m making a map based on a fictional place, with some lore around it.
Alps is a good map - it’s snowy-themed, highly detailed, and it even has NPC’s and a lot of story notes. And it’s not based on a real place. We need more maps like that.


well i mean Alps is based off the mountain range, no?

I don’t really agree with real-life-based-maps being “tired, stupid, and unoriginal” but I see what you mean by a major city only being represented by a few buildings.


alp just means a high mountain… alps is just any mountain range.


Also its just a geographical region, not really a country or anything, just like how carpat is based off a rough area of the world, not a specific country which is why they could make up names for stuff. You could do this with plenty of areas and it would turn out well.


yea i was thinking the PUBG approach might not be bad. make your maps be obviously based off some country/culture and make up names for the map and locations that mimic said country/culture.


make them less forced/redundent like hawaii, germany, france, greece, the other greece map

like all those maps seem uninteresting/boring/bad

washington, pei, russia and even yukon is where its at