Pa-Chan's Modded Map Teaser



Did you only put deadzones and make the sky green?

You should have made the trees dead, walls destroyed, ect?


@Aj_Gaming No changes to vanilla environment, i don’t know how to use the devkit or what ever I should use for that. I made the world into a deadzone w/ a few spawning points, like the Limestone Quarry.

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Couldn’t you change stuff using the normal editor? Or is devkit stuff not compatible with legacy?

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@Aj_Gaming I tried, undoes everything when reloading. Not sure what to do.

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Hmmmmm… Did you remember to save? And did you make it a separate file rather than editing the normal Germany file?

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@Aj_Gaming We can talk in my Discord server:

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Ah, so that’s what the gun was. I kept thinking it was some kind of shotgun but then I realized that it was a China Lake.

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@RedComm It’s a Merican launcher, not Chinese. Made in the US, but called the ‘China Lake 40mm Grenade Launcher’…how?

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I’m aware it’s an American grenade launcher, but it was developed in the China Lake weapons research facility, hence why it’s known as the “China Lake.”

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Doesn’t Hsi-Ku overlap with More Farming Mod?

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and you wanna know the best part?
my frames go down even more!

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@NSTM Hsi-Ku is 38000 - 48160. More Farming is 42000 - 49130. The only conflicts is the guitar IDs, and I haven’t implemented the guitar IDs in this mod.

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@TophatPesky That’s cute.


wait if germany is 10 fps, and you added mods and deadzones and who knows what else ,does that means that you made 1 fps germany ? Im going to try your map later.

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Hey can i copy you re home work ? yeah sure…

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@Cryptogram stop liking my posts or I will find you and murder you.

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Is that a threat against my well being?


I’m threatening your soul

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