Packaged vehicles

The possibility of pushing vehicles without gasoline by descending roads or straight roads but in this case the vehicle moves very slowly depending on the amount of people who push


So like if you run out of gas or battery power, you can put you vehicle into drive, and push it. If you are solo you won’t be able to steer it when pushing, but if there are two players, one could control the steer, and I think the brakes. The other pushes the car. The more people pushing the car The faster it moves, but when going up a steep hill, the car has a chance of rolling back and killing the player pushing the car.


car has a chance of rolling back and killing the player

What a situation THAT would be. Of all the ways to die in the apocalypse, it’s by being run over by essentially a parked car.


A parked car in drive that is. :smirk:. Aloso imagine the death alert in chat. Bill has been killed by a rolling car on a hill.

death alerts only work with rocketmod, and 4.0 wont have that. though maybe some mods could allow it. dunno.

I’m pretty sure plugins will be in 4.0. Just hopefully ones that doesn’t ruin survival that much. I think death alerts, server annoucments, server votes, and /home will be good if done right. I’m just scared to see what direction plugins will go if everyone could make them instead of a couple of trusted individuals.

These are the kinds of things you’d expect as vanilla server tools, not plugins, tbh.

/home is definitely not vanilla survival friendly.

The only reason death alerts only work with Rocketmod in 3.0 is because there is nothing in the base server tools regarding death messages. Nelson could probably easily add a form of death alerts to the vanilla game, no plugins needed.

Unless if done right. Like you have to wait a minute after being in a PvP, or pve situation.

No, still definitely not survival friendly at all.

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