Paint armors

Is that, can you make or export a image with complatibility with the armor, not a google image, a image created with Unreal Editor like a skull of the kelvar of punisher or another type of paint (i know someoned will put a dicc or a nazi simbol, i don’t remember the name).

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How I understood the question:
“In Unturned II will you be able to import/ create images and place them as a texture on clothing”

If that is your question then certainly yes. We will be able to mod in new items and objects that are textured however we want.


seeing people walk around in “Hitler did nothing wrong” shirts or hardcore fart fetish furry inflation porn on their shirts surely would be an interesting sight.


i’d love to be able to paint a dick on my miliary top in unturned 4

This is an interesting idea. Hopefully that’s implemented, probably.

Do you mean?
Painting armor different colours?
Like a red helmet or blue helmet?

Oh gawd

On the bright side, it gives us some KOS targets.


I’m not sorry.

I dont approve of this comment. But I also at the same time dont care.

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