Paint/Spray paint (sorry for reposting others stuff)

well another post about paint. Leave any ideas about paint in the comments

Nelson said there will be no gun skins or maybe car skins in 4.0. so would it be a good idea to put spray paint in 4.0 to add customization. Spray paint is useful for marking Territory, Custom Gun skins, Spray Painting Cars/Planes, Writing on Signs with it.

Paint will be useful for painting bases/houses in towns, Painting windows on cars so no one can see in them, and etc.

Spray paint custom guns you would have to setup some kind of worktable to spray paint it on. If you don’t want a mess in your house you can place down a tarp, and after you spray painted/ painted that object you can pickup the tarp and clean the paint off.

Painted/Spray painted objects will lose color if in the sun/water for very long periods of time. EX: Lets say you spray painted your vest black to be sneaky and you start swimming with it on, your vest with paint on it will slowly chip away over time.

Spray painting territory will be easy just take out a spray paint can and spray. Maybe write stuff on walls and graffiti.

welp this was a long suggestion tell me if you agree or disagree. sorry for repost

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  1. tarps and fading are a bit too much realism ti work on for a gimmick system.

  2. dicks. If you implement any sort of free drae system, you’re going to end up with thousands of dicks drawn everywhere.


hence why theres a workshop.

My name is mercury, You stole my old post, Prepare to die.

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Oh shid (10 character)

maybe make it so you can only spray paint personal items, like maybe you can only spray on a car that you have the keys to

“Give a man the means to write and he will surely draw a penis”

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