It is just a simple suggestion

+Add Parachute

If you fall of a large distance and reach a speed above than 50m/s if you had a parachute on your back appear a signal on screen to press space bar to open the parachute after press space bar in an animation of ~2 seconds in this animation the doll go place the hand in a style of strap and the parachute go open 3 seconds after, this go open a beautiful parachute and in it will be written, “Please Nelson Remove Third Person” or maybe add the possibility of customize a written thing in the same.

Before fall you or go need to drop the parachute or retract the same.
this is all.


You know what will go wrong, don’t you?

it would not be a problem if you had an option in menu to hide things made by players in game like “Art” or things written.

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