Parasitic turned/Zombie idea

I think that the turned should be bodies taken by other creatures, like a creature that comes from somewhere else (extra-dimensional, or extraterrestrial, as confirmed). I think that perhaps they could take the dead bodies of the people they kill, by somehow going inside the body like a parasite, and take control of the body, creating a regular Turned, and giving it a strong body to use to kill people (and perhaps lay eggs in it, which would then hatch and take the body).

This would work as a gameplay aspect as well, so you would need to destroy or hide a body to prevent it from eventually becoming a Turned. This could potentially decrease KOS, as dead corpses in battle zones would turn into Turned pretty quickly.


Maybe a parasitic organism that attaches to the victims spine, so instead of the head being the critical hit area, it’s the spine. That would give rise to some tricky gameplay, as the turned that are aware of you will always try to face you.


I like the idea of a hivemind of zombies. Like maybe a zombie passes by a fresh new body and plants its spores into it, and the body reanimates and follows with the zombie. players becoming turned should certainly be a thing in II.


Yeah, you could probably knock the thing down and prevent it from coming after you by killing the host body, but the thing would still be alive and would find other corpses/player corpses to take control of.


well i mean honestly even a pistol could penetrate through the front to the spine if the guy isn’t wearing body armour.


Just in case anyone might be wondering, this is already the plan! They’ll also have the gear of the player too.


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