Pet-peeves of suggestions about stuffs at it "minorest"

Hi all.

I’ve been taking a dump and though of these suggestions. It’s very minor and probably not going to effected a game in survival aspect that much nor really anything except decorations. (and RAM usages… Probably.)

So maybe, some of these these suggestions (if it ever added in) should be able to be adjust in the option. (or settings.)

  1. Before rain (or blizzard) occurs, clouds should build-up for awhile instead of “Sunny to rainy in 5 seconds”

  2. In the night (Which sadly didn’t included in any devlog videos, as far as I know.) we should have shooting stars or different coloured stars. (Ones brighter, ones less-brighter, some white, orange and red. With twinking of-course) or maybe a trail of the milky way.

  3. Eye adjusting (or transitions) from dark location to brighter location. (Such as going inside a fully-lidded house in a middle of a night. Using a flashlight in a dark-areas, staying outdoors in the evening or being flashed by car headlights.) (Yes, someone was suggesting about a similar feature, sadly he/she was talking about weapon light, not all of the lights.)

  4. Campfire should have smokes… very self explained and already suggested. But hear me out. Smokes from campfire (or burning buildings, as trello “briefly-explained”) could be used to located the light-source. That’s mean smokes should be “really” tall. Oh and…

4.5 Campfire indoors should become a fire-hazard. At-least ovens will be more useful (oof I used 3.0 feature as a standpoint, and probably suggested, but er… yeah.)

  1. Remember how it would feel like if you’re at 50% health or lower? The screen just become gray and you got insta-spasms. I suggested more fainting vision, a heartbeat and perhaps, various Our-main-protagonist-is-dying-cliches in movies.

Yeah pretty much it, your thoughts?

This is bad. I’ll stop.


I kind of forgot that we could see many more stars and the Milky way since there would be almost no light pollution.

Overall, I like these changes, they add atmosphere. :+1:


Thats a picture of sky on night without cityes light

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This already exists in 3.0, though it’s quite short.

Perhaps. This’d honestly be interesting.

I think this may be a tad tedious to code, but being blinded by bright lights needs to be a thing. It’d give use to things like tactical flashlights.

In addition, smoke should build up to the point of being hazardous to the player’s respiratory system, causing dizziness (blurry/frame-by-frame vision effect), nausea, or light-headedness which may make it easier to become unconscious. Perhaps even some uncontrolled coughing that alerts nearby entities to your presence. Obviously lighting a fire indoors is a bad idea.

Not just tall, but also visible from a distance.

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