Physical / Visible player damage In 4.X

In Unturned i was playing a server and due to it being one of the most hardest survival servers in 3.0, i died quite a bit and so did my friends i couldnt see that they were bleeding to death so they just die, and say “Well im dead” as they fall over. (In 4.0 they will turn into zombies if they are infected i know.)

Maybe in 4.0 there could be signs of death like blood particles falling out or maybe even bullet wounds
or crippled limbs when they are about to die of blood loss maybe there skin would turn white and if they were infected they would turn green and when they die they would have the iconic derpy zombie face. Here is a list

Zombies Directly
Gets eaten but not zombified

Zombie Infection
Slowly turns green if they don’t make/find medicine Infection icon appears saying
“Infected find medicine”

Bleeding to death
Skin whitens possibly to alert teamates player starts to walk more slowly the closer they get to death Bleeding icon appears saying “Health low find bandages and eat food” maybe you use up hunger to heal yourself after wound is healed if player Dosent use bandages the screen darkens when health is less than 20%

Mostly by bad berries glue chemicals medicine overdose causing player to lose health and hunger Poisoned icon saying “Poisoned find medicine”

Broken Limbs
Player would walk in a crippled fashion Crippled limb icon saying
“Crippled find a splint or Medikit”

If body temp lowers below 36°C player starts to shiver in a more calm fashion Icon says
“Hypotherrmia stage 1 find fire or shelter”
if below 30°C Player starts to slow and halucinate and rapidly shiver
Displays Hypothermia Stage 2 icon Saying “Frezzing find shelter or fire urgently”
If below 25 player loses health rapidly and screen starts to darken

Pretty much hypothermia except loss of thirst and heat stroke Icon saying
Overheating find shelter or shade

Altitude sickness or hypoxia
When above high altitude player will start to lose Air/Oxygen player will start to slow and screen starts to darken if not helped by player

If in water without the right equipment for to long Player will start to swim slower an after time screen starts to darken slowly and player ragdoll Idles in water


Ok, first thing I noticed is you forgot commas where they should be. Back to the point, I think some of your opinions are a bit extreme but other than that, seems OK.

There should be animations too. E.g: If you have broken leg character will limp, if he has wound on the arm he will hold it e.t.c.

In this case, zombies should have two different attacks, a lunge/bite attack or spitting attack that decreases mostly infection resistance, and a normal striking attack that decreases the same hitpoints as bullet damage. As infection resistance goes down, damage from zombies decreases your hitpoints faster.

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